Top 5 Free Apps for Bloggers in 2013

People like to talk and there are hard to find exceptions. Yes the subjects might vary but it is a common liking we all share. Blogs give people a way to express what they have got running on their mind and what all they know. There has been an increase in the number of bloggers as the technology becomes easily available to more people.
Bloggers have moved from computers to portable devices and this meant that a comparison of various blogging platform apps was in order. We take you through the best apps for your device if you are a blogger. With these apps you can keep posting on the move whenever you want. WordPress WordPress is one of the best blogging sites we know and it is the similar story with the app too. The app has got a neat interface and packs in almost everything you would need. Most of the features of the application are available through the slide in menu. You get tools for editing your posts, add or respond to comments, add media to posts and alter the pages. You can also check on the analytic data using this app. If you don’t want to write the whole story using your mobile, you can simply finish parts of it and save it as drafts and finish it up later. You get the app for android as well as for iOS. Blogger blogger It is yet another very famous platform for bloggers and Google has tried to give people a way to post on the go. As Google is behind this app, we really expected a lot from the app but it sort of disappointed us. The WordPress app has got a lot more features when compared to this Blogger one. The tools you get here are very limited and you can handle just the basic tasks. If you need full functionality, you would still need to open the blogger website in your mobile browser and that is a pain. Still, the app made it to the list because blogger is a very popular platform and you don’t really need full functionality when on the go. You can still compose posts, add media, access the posts already saved and edit them. You can also manage multiple accounts on the app which is a nice addition. You can also add labels, pictures and location to the posts you share using the app. You can have the app on your android or iOS device. Tumblr tumblr If you are the sort of person who would find the WordPress and blogger thing too complicated, this is just the perfect app for you. With Tumblr, you don’t get a full blown blog like most other blogging sites or apps. You can run your micro-blog (that’s what they like to call it) using this app. The interface is very simple and you get just the tools you need. Like the blogger app, you can manage multiple accounts with this app. You can post content (obviously), manage the messages, schedule your posts and re-blog a Tumblr post. The app lets you connect with more people by finding people from your address book and allowing you to follow their Tumblr account. The Tumblr app too is available for both android and iOS. Weebly weebly

 This is another cool service you can go for if you need a blog. Creating a blog or a whole website is easy and you can customize yours with themes. Not only does it offer basic functionality like composing and posting content, you can decide on the layout and theme. You can add photos to the post if using plain text is to mainstream for you. You can also add your Facebook account to the app so that you can share your blog with your Facebook friends. If you are more of a twitter person then you can link the app to your twitter account and it would post the link to your blog on the timeline of your twitter followers too. The app provides you with access to analytic data and you can check the number of visitors in different views. The app gives you push notifications for the comments you receive on your blog post. This app is also available for both android and iOS platform.

LiveJournal Yes we know that it isn't exactly a blogging app and it is more of an app to maintain a journal rather than a typical blog. But there weren't really any other blogging apps that we could pick over this one. Using the app you can read journals, post entries, media and comments. There are no complicated bits and the app is pretty simple and easy to use. The interface however is just isn't good enough. It really looks like it belongs to the age of android 1.6 and the developers really need to take care of this. Using the app on a high end device feels like watching a black and white movie on your high definition TV set. Misc apps A blogger not only needs the app to post on the go but there is lot more to it. Along with any of these apps, you might need a few more apps to make sure that your blog doesn't look handicapped when you post from your mobile. You need an app like pocket so that you don’t have to filter through your history later when you want to read something again. Also you need a decent keyboard if you are going to type a lot on your mobile device. Also a good note taking app so that you can immediately create short notes whenever you want to. We use the color note app on the android play store. If you like to add a lot of photos, you can make use of a decent photo editor on your mobile device. Google drive and Sky Drive offer you lot of storage and it won’t hurt if you keep a cloud backup of your work so that you can resume anywhere. With these apps and one of the blogging app we talked about earlier, you are ready to post on the go. The article is contributed by Sanjay Kumar Negi. Website:  |  Google Plus:

One thought on “Top 5 Free Apps for Bloggers in 2013

  1. Zwodnik

    My Top 5 apps for Bloggers:

    1. Google Keep
    2. Google Analytics
    3. WordPress
    4. Dropbox
    5. gReader

    September 30, 2013 at 2:29 pm

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