Introducing D2D (Drag to Death) Clan

d2d-logo D2D known as "Drag to Death" is India's No.1 self hosted Counter Strike Source CLAN server with a goal to encourage the Indian gaming community. Our philosophy and agenda has no distractions, hidden motives or any thing to do with competitors. Our admins and moderators are individually scanned, interviewed and monitored by the CLAN panel members. The clan and the server is fully sponsored by the Indian gaming community and   Server IP address: D2D forums: Panel Members: The major brains behind D2D are AG Head Hunter  | Server Configuration and Administration CoderGeek82 | Infrastructure, Finance, Marketing and Sponsorship Greed | People Relationship Officer Matrix | Map design and development Administrators and Moderators: Matrix, Greed, CoderGeek82, AG Head Hunter, King, Spy, Singh, Dragooon Many more will join soon

One thought on “Introducing D2D (Drag to Death) Clan

  1. Dr.sagar.sk7

    Its been more then a month I have started playing in this server. Its a awesome server with minimum lag problem and membere are very friendly and awesome to play with.
    This server is my top favorite server.

    August 16, 2013 at 8:25 pm

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